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It is not quite an overstatement to say that human nature has often been sanctified as holy and benign in many works of spiritual literature and holy books; and it is usually depicted as distinct from the lesser animal heritage. The Christian myth likes to celebrate the dawn of human birth as divine occurrence, set to work by the Lord’s urge to create. And we are, thus, created in His image as perfect gestalt, not one ounce of improvement can be added. Confucius and Mencius believed that human nature is basically good. The allegorical water’s tendency to flow downward etched deep memories in every Chinese’s collective consciousness. The modern Cartesian notion of the west, on the other hand, works on the assumption that humans are rational beings, capable of cool-headed, unbiased calculation. However, hard-wired in the human brain, lying deeply, and enveloped within layers of outer cortices, is the reptilian part of our human inheritance. Homo sapiens have evolved, it seems, not out of primordial, innocent angels, but out of their primal animal ancestry.

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